Salutations! Welcome to my little web server.

I don`t anticipate many people visiting my page,
but if you are, greetings!
I hope you don`t mind hanging in here for a bit,
even though this website is a bit empty.

I`m hoping to find some time soon to upload
some of my work on this website,
whether it`s music, small video games, or simple web designs.

Website Updates:

18 August 2022: The guestbook is now operational again after a JavaScript problem was fixed. Please feel free to explore around and post a message.

17 August 2022: The website's design has finally been changed to support both current and antiquated browsers. Both Netscape 6 and Internet Explorer 5 support this website.

You're stuck in an abandoned stone structure surrounded by creatures of all kinds,
and you should quickly escape.
Move rapidly while thinking deliberately to avoid enemy attacks as you progress through each stage.
Set up boxes carefully to trap your opponents, or choose a different route to get away from them as fast as possible.
Help this defenseless ram fight off foes and go through challenging levels as he looks for a way out. This Sokoban-esque game offers players of all ages a fun gaming experience.

Watch on YouTube!

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Check it out on the Games webpage!

This website is still incomplete.

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